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  • A presence-driven church that seeks after the supernatural.  People are not ashamed to worship God with lifted hands.  

    Melissa Childs
  • It is a place where the lost and hurting find refuge and love.

    Alan Brown
  • C3 is a refuge, where you can always count on those around you. A fun, energetic place where you can worship God with an incredible extended family.

    Karlee Bowman
  • A church that's after the heart of God and a place to learn how to become who God wants us to be.

    Faye Abrams
  • C3 immediately became home.

    Jade Danley
  • C3 is a safe place in the often rough journey we call life.

    Michael Henry
  • I love C3! It is truly a blessing to belong to a church where the presence of the Holy Spirit is so rich and the worship is so free.

    Rita Mitchell
  • I noticed right away that this is a place that is hungry for the Holy Spirit and everyone cared for each other. I also was drawn to the fact that several races were involved in worship.

    Dale Johnson
  • A place where you feel the freedom to worship no matter who you are.

    Sandi Burroughs
  • C3 is a fun and lively atmosphere. You WILL stay awake because the messages are so relevant and the Pastor is excited and passionate about God's word.

    Valerie Peterson
  • A place to experience God's Presence, and connect with people who love God, and are real.
    Adrian Childs
  • When my children and I were at our lowest of lows, C3 accepted us with open arms and hearts. They helped us healed as we turned our lives toward God!

    Amber Taylor
  • C3 has impacted my family so much that I rededicated my life back to Jesus.  And my son got saved in children's church this past Sunday!  

    Jailene Rodriguez
  • Shortly before we began attending C3, we adopted 3 little girls. Through the nursery, then children's ministry and now the youth ministry, we have watched our girls grow in the Lord.  We are thankful for C3 for assisting us in showing our girls the love of the Lord!

    Tina Brown